Welcome Letter


My Dear Sisters in Federation,

With each new administration come new ideas and new challenges.  I am honored and grateful to be able to guide GFWC/CT through the next 2 years as we entertain these new ideas and face these new challenges.

I use the word “guide” deliberately.  I see my role as one of steering, leading and keeping us on track.   The actual hands on work will be up to all of you – our new Executive Committee, our State Chairmen and Committee Members, our Club Presidents and all the individual club officers and members that keep our organization alive.

My goals for the next 2 years are basically to provide all of you with the tools and the information that you need to get the job done. That job will consist of recruiting and training new leaders, recruiting and retaining members, increasing the public’s awareness of our organization, and, last but certainly not least, continuing to serve our local communities through our volunteer efforts.

Working together is the key.  Let’s work together to restore the enthusiasm that each of us wants for GFWC/CT.  We can do it!

Let’s Believe and Achieve Together!  

And Let Our Spirit Soar!

Yours in Federation,

Helen Barakauskas,

GFWC/CT State President, 2016 – 2018